The Knowledge of the Holy – Book Summary

What is the nature of God? How can we recapture a real sense of God’s majesty and truly live in the Spirit. Tozer’s The Knowledge of the Holy, a modern classic of Christian testimony and devotion, addresses these and other vital questions, showing us how we can rejuvenate our prayer life, meditate more reverently, understand God more deeply, and experience God’s presence in our daily lives.

Informative and inspiring, The Knowledge of the Holy illuminates God’s attributes—from wisdom, to grace, to mercy—and shows through prayerful and insightful discussion, how we can more fully recognize and appreciate each of these divine aspects. 

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Downloadable Questions – PDFs

Chapter 1 – Why We Must Think Rightly About God
Chapter 2 – God Incomprehensible
Chapter 3 – A Divine Attribute: Something True About God
Chapter 4 – The Holy Trinity
Chapter 5 – The Self-existence of God
Chapter 6 – The Self-sufficiency of God
Chapter 7 – The Eternity of God
Chapter 8 – God’s Infinitude
Chapter 9 – The Immutability of God
Chapter 10 – The Divine Omniscience
Chapter 11 – The Wisdom of God
Chapter 12 – The Omnipotence of God
Chapter 13 – The Divine Transcendence
Chapter 14 – God’s Omnipresence
Chapter 15 – The Faithfulness of God
Chapter 16 – The Goodness of God
Chapter 17 – The Justice of God
Chapter 18 – The Mercy of God
Chapter 19 – The Grace of God
Chapter 20 – The Love of God
Chapter 21 – The Holiness of God
Chapter 22 – The Sovereignty of God
Chapter 23 – The Open Secret

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