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Bethel Students is the student ministry at Bethel Baptist Church. It exists to see students become obedient followers of Christ and to live out Matthew 28. Our prayer is to see students come to saving faith in Christ, to pursue their spiritual growth, and as they are going, to make disciples.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the church office for more information, at (757) 867-8082 or by email.

Sunday Mornings

On Sunday mornings our students participate in YBF (Youth Bible Fellowship), which covers 7-12 grade. This small group Bible study time is gender and grade-based, and begins at 9:45am.

Sunday Nights

On Sunday evenings our students attend a home-based Community Groups from 5:30pm-7:30pm. These meetings are meant to be a time for students to come together and share a meal, fellowship with one another, and thoughtfully walk through Scripture together. A time for your student to feel a sense of strong community that they belong to with rhythms in place to make them inwardly strong and outwardly focused. Please email Pastor Kevin for the location where your student’s age range will be meeting.


We also provide a dynamic mid-week large group worship service on Wednesdays called The Gathering from 6:30pm-7:30pm. This is a time where students can worship with their peers while enjoying fellowship together.

This semester we will be walking through the book of 1 John together, with some detours that are relevant to this letter along the way. We will start the year off with 8 weeks in 1 John 1-3 in a series  called Seen and Heard.

If you read through John’s Gospel or his letters you will notice that he places a heavy emphasis on witnessing to what has been seen and/or heard about Christ quite often. He really wants to ensure that the Church does something with all that they have experienced with Christ. In this first series we will be looking at just what it means to do something with all we have seen and heard. We will cover everything from our manner of life to the message we share. From the lies of the age to the strength of God’s love. From the person of Christ to the deceitful heart. We will look to all that is seen and heard in this letter from John to the Church and seek to live out an applied faith in a dark and fallen world.

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For Parents

Bethel parents are the most important part of Bethel Students. We believe that you are the primary spiritual champions of your home and student’s lives. Our goal as a student ministry is to come alongside the family and support them in living out Deuteronomy 6:4-9 as best as possible. Below are some helpful links to help you with family discipleship:


For Leaders

We are always on the lookout for godly men and women who are willing to come alongside our students and walk with them through the Word, discipleship, and life. If you are interested in serving our student ministry in this capacity, you must contact the church office. Below are the required leadership guidelines and applications that must be completed. Note: Every person interested in working with our students will go through a background check process.

If you are interested in becoming a leader in our Student Ministry, contact Pastor Kevin by email.