The Discipleship Ministry of the church is designed to be a training and equipping mechanism that mobilizes the church to fulfill the biblical purposes of the church.

We seek to follow the scriptural mandate that we are to ‘equip the body of Christ for the work of ministry’ so that we can be as effective as possible in going, telling, inviting, and involving those who are not yet followers of Jesus Christ.

We desire that through small and large group experiences we would enable the church to grow in…

  • Warm and lasting friendships
  • Life changing personal growth and maturity
  • Caring for one another through prayer and action
  • Growth as we invite and include people who need to know Christ and follow Him
  • Traveling to places to share the ‘gospel of Jesus Christ’ to people who need to hear this Good News

Equipping U is designed to provide a small group experience for adults to dig deeper into a specific area of our faith life.

These areas are related to the spiritual disciplines of Abiding in Christ, Living By God’s Word, Praying in Faith, Building Godly Relationships, Witnessing to the World, and Ministering to Others.

Groups are offered each Fall/Winter and Spring semester and designed for women, men, and married adults.

current equpping u class listing

Bible Fellowships exist for all ages from Birth to Children, Teenagers, Young Adults, Single Adults, Married Adults, and the most mature adults.

Bible Fellowships are a place for Children and Teenagers to experience the love, acceptance, and biblical instruction from caring Adults.

They are a place where people can discover that there are people just like themselves who are looking for a place to belong and feel a warmth, acceptance, and the opportunity to make friends. Friends who will listen, pray, and walk with them through the joys and challenges of life.