Our Vision

All Women Are Welcome!

There is no special membership required! Every woman is a member of the Women’s Ministry at Bethel!

Our Mission:

To draw women closer to the Lord.

Our Goals are to:

  • Encourage women through faith-founded fellowship;
  • Educate women in discipleship;
  • Equip women for service in ministry and missions;
  • Entreat women to worship through prayer, praise and study; and to
  • Evangelize those who do not yet know the Lord.

Through Fellowship, we seek to:

  • Edify women through mentorship
  • Enrich women through faith-based friendships
  • Empathize with their struggles and challenges

Through Discipleship, we seek to:

  • Effect spiritual growth
  • Embolden women for outreach
  • Engage women in discovery

Through Ministry, we seek to:

  • Elicit the use of women’s talents for the Lord
  • Exemplify the Lord and His actions toward others

Through Worship, we seek to:

  • Ensure their relationships are centered in Him
  • Engage women in constant connectivity with Christ
  • Exalt the name of the Lord together