Parental Consent
Testimony: Please share briefly about your coming to saving faith in Jesus Christ. If you are not a Christian, please indicate so as we will talk about the gospel together.
Share what your devotional life looks like?
Are you open to pastoral care for your soul, being encouraged to develop gifting/skills, and being “all in” for this internship program?
How would you define worship?
Why do you want to be an intern?
Please briefly share your artistic background. Music lessons and etc.
I agree to...
(check the boxes to indicate your agreement)

Please review these elective choices and then rank your top 4 elective choices.These will be discerned with Pastor Keith and the intern and also the needs of the ministry. Each intern will have 2 per semester.

Writing: Composition, Arranging, Orchestration
This can entail writing songs both instrumental and/or vocal, arranging songs for the band, and writing orchestration.

Leading: Band, Choir, Worship, Meetings
This can entail rehearsing a band, music directing a band, worship leading, and leading parts or full worship arts ministry meetings.

Administration: Organizing, Planning, Execution
This elective gives the intern an opportunity to organize in Excel, Planning Center Online, etc. 

Matters (Podcast)- serve with setting up interviews, managing Buzzsprout, recording and editing in ProTools, and publishing new episodes.

Collective (Writers)- being part of the Collective in all the writing endeavors by writing, helping others with writing, Finale, demos, and resources.

Devotions (Tuesday Zoom Book Study)- writing study questions for chapters.

Journal (Devotional Articles)- writing or publishing and/or promoting each article and issue.

Sessions (Videos of Songs)- help with scheduling team members, planning songs to use, schedule of session release dates, coordinating for video work, Pro Tools, and promotion.

Records (Charts & Recording)- help with Nashville trips, administer resources for the website, promote all songs. 

Songs (Songs/Hymns)- listen to and evaluate new and old songs for worship. 

Member Care: Visits, Cards, Texts, Phone calls
This elective gives the intern opportunities to encourage and care for others.

Worship Arts Academy: Teaching, Shadowing, Student Lessons
If the intern is a teacher, he or she would be able to focus on growth as an instructor. If the intern is a student, lessons would be the focus. 

Instrumental/Vocal Participation: Band, Choir, Orchestra, Handbells
This is an opportunity for the intern to participate but also be an active recruiter, encourager, and good example to others in faithful service.

Audio/Visual: Studio/stream, FOH, Propresenter, Lighting, Tech. director, Pro Tools, Logic
This elective could either be specific to only one area of A/V or a semester or two getting familiar with all areas. The intern would work closely with John Gathers, team lead.

Service Planning: Sundays, Nights of Worship, Seasonal Events
The intern in this elective would have the opportunity to pray through and plan songs, scripture readings, stage personalities, musicians, etc.