Non-Profit: The Worship Arts Academy is under the nonprofit tax-exempt status of Bethel Baptist Church.

Parent Contract Acknowledgement: Online registration through events registration via the website is considered acknowledgement and agreement of the semester cost.


  1. Registration Fee: An administration fee is due each semester. It is $75 per student.
  2. Lesson Costs: 30 minute lessons cost $30; 60 minute lessons cost $60
  3. Internship Cost: One time $75 registration fee

Instructor Payment: Instructors are paid every 2 weeks through the payroll system of Bethel Baptist Church.  Direct deposit is the standard method for payment.

Lesson (30 min)- Instructor: $25, Academy: $5
Lesson (1 hour)- Instructor: $50, Academy: $10

Administrative Salary & Expenditures:

  1. Personnel: The Worship Arts Academy Assistant will receive an hourly wage that is funded by $5 weekly received from each student’s lessons and classes. The Worship Arts Academy   Director does not receive any compensation from the Academy unless instructing a lesson.
  2. Expenditures: There are a number of expenditures that the Academy incurs. Such expenses are the following: My Music Staff monthly subscription, payroll taxes, recital expenses, professional     development, instructor resources, promotion/advertising, and additional things as they arise.
  3. Annual Audit: The Worship Arts Academy will have an annual audit by the Bethel Baptist Church Finance Committee for accountability.
  4. Payments: Payments may be made in person during the day at the church office, mailed to Worship Arts Academy, Bethel Baptist Church, paid electronically via the online payment option on the church website, or a check placed in the “black box” at the WAA entrance under WAA sign. Please make checks payable to Bethel Baptist Church with the memo Worship Arts Academy and Student Name. 

Payments may be made in the following ways:

  1. Monthly Invoices: A monthly invoice will be sent out the  1st of every month by the ministry assistant.
  2. Entire Semester: Payments may be made at one time for an entire semester. Lesson fees are non-refundable. One attempt will be made for a make-up lesson based on the instructor’s availability. Please give the instructor 24-hour notice when scheduling a make-up lesson.
  3. Literature: Each student is expected to pay for their literature as assigned by the instructor. Please know that we strive to keep this cost low but due to copyright we are responsible to honor the law of copying. Students will be expected to cover the cost of their scores and textbooks.

Past Due Accounts: An account is considered past due after the 10th of the month. Past due accounts will be assessed a $10 late fee after the 10th of the month. If an account is still past due after the 1st of the next month, lessons will be suspended until the account balance is paid in full for 2 months. Lessons missed due to past due accounts will not be rescheduled.

Make-ups and Cancellations: Please give the instructor 24-hour notice when cancelling. Without a 24-hour notice or emergency, student forfeits lesson costs. Makeup lessons are at the discretion of the instructor. If you begin to have a fever, diarrhea, or vomiting this constitutes as an emergency within the 24-hour period.