Qualifications & Policies 

Gospel-Centered Christian: Each instructor must be a devoted follower of Jesus Christ. This is a Gospel-centered ministry in which we desire to advance the Gospel.

Skill: Each instructor must have a certain mastery of their skill through formal training or considerable experience. The Worship Arts Academy Director will assess this qualification as we desire to offer top notch training.

Dress Code:
Faculty members should dress according to the policy set forth by Bethel Baptist Church. While dressing for comfort, instructors should present a conservative approach to clothing styles.  Modesty is valued. The Worship Arts Academy Director reserves the right to counsel faculty on proper dress or hygiene.

Professional Development: Each instructor is encouraged to attend additional professional development such as: conferences, seminars, observations of other schools, etc.  The Worship Arts Academy Director will provide funds for this professional development as the yearly budget allows.

Offer Letters: Agreements will be renewed each year as the Worship Arts Academy has needs and as it develops. The agreement will entail general expectations of the faculty, be based on a year agreement in most cases (a semester contract may be offered based on needs), signature, etc.

Absences or Tardy: If you are going to be absent for a lesson, call the Worship Arts Academy Assistant the evening before if possible to allow for notification of the staff and student.  A 24-hour notice is requested by both parties: instructor or student. If you are going to be late, notify the Worship Arts Academy Assistant so arrangements can be made to best utilize the time until your arrival.

Discretion & Discernment: Faculty members must use good judgment when discussing academy business, student behavior, progress, or achievement.

  1. Confidentiality:  Maintain confidentiality concerning faculty members, student, and parent information.
  2. Problems: Discuss problems or situations only with the Worship Arts Academy Director.
  3. Faculty Questions: Direct all faculty questions or concerns not covered in handbook to the Worship Arts Academy Director.
  4. Parent Questions: Direct all parent questions or concerns not covered in the handbook to the Worship Arts Academy Director.
  5. Safety & Care: Our policy is that a teacher is never alone with a student one-one without someone in close proximity. Also, the ministry assistant continually walks the halls during lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays. For Little Mozarts, we always have 2 leaders present during the lunch time and class meeting. Safety, care, and integrity is of utmost priority for the Worship Arts Academy. 

Permanent Records: Make every effort to safeguard records from anyone other than Worship Arts Academy faculty members.  Shred papers that contain any personal information (e.g. addresses or phone numbers, etc.).

Use of Tobacco: Use of tobacco in any form by Worship Arts Academy personnel is prohibited on church grounds.

Director Evaluations: Periodic evaluations will be provided to faculty.  Instructor/assistant evaluations shall, at a minimum, take into consideration the following:

Role of Instructor: The role of the instructor in meeting the Worship Arts Academy’s student achievement goals, including academic gains of students.  The assistant will be evaluated on their contribution to achieving the organizational goals of the Worship Arts Academy.

  1. Communication and Interpersonal Skills: Interaction with students, parents, instructors, director, and other school personnel.
  2. Responsibility: Timeliness and attendance for assigned responsibilities.
  3. Policy: Adherence to the Worship Arts Academy handbook and to the Bethel Baptist Church Personnel Manual) The website reflects the handbook in digital form.
  4. Conduct: Personal conduct while in performance of Worship Arts Academy duties.

Termination: Faculty members will be given 30 days’ notice if for any reason Bethel Baptist needs to terminate an agreement. Any faculty members can be immediately terminated for not following policies and/or procedures set forth by Bethel Baptist or The Worship Arts Academy.  Authority for termination resides with the Worship Arts Academy Director.  A faculty member desiring to appeal termination will follow the procedures outlined in the Bethel Baptist Church Personnel Manual.

Resignation: Faculty members are requested to provide a 2 week notice if they wish to terminate their commitment.

Use of Copy Machine: The Worship Arts Academy Assistant will be happy to run copies for your studio. 

Policy Signature: Faculty members are required to review policies and procedures before signing their offer letter.

Background Checks: Every faculty member is required to have a background check.  This will be reviewed at the start of each academic year (Fall) to ensure a current background check is on file. 

Discipline Procedures: A verbal warning will be issued by the Worship Arts Academy Director for policy infractions.  This will be followed by a written warning, issued during a meeting, that will be included in the faculty personnel file.  The faculty member will be subject to termination if the conduct persists.

Grievance Procedure: In accordance with Matthew 18, please go directly to the person if you have a concern or issue. The next step will be to bring the Worship Arts Academy Director with you as the second person.  A culture of Matthew 18 is desired. Please refrain from all gossip.  Additional information on these procedures is provided in the Bethel Baptist Church Personnel Manual.

Faculty-Director Dynamic: The director will serve as an encourager to each faculty member as they use their gifts and skills to serve the student. Direction, mentorship, and administration will also be given for the good of the faculty member and benefit of the Worship Arts Academy.

Teaching Philosophy: Each instructor should strive to have a continued sense of mastery in their area of teaching. Faithfulness, organization, demonstration, encouragement, care, and expectation/goal setting should be part of every studio’s practice.