Kathryn Arthur

What I Teach: Piano & Voice

Education/Experience: Bachelor of Music Education from James Madison University; have taught in a variety of settings including public, Christian, and homeschool education, private voice, and piano instruction.

Began Teaching at WAA: 2013

Favorite Aspect of Teaching: Forming relationships with students through working together

Interesting Fact: I can bake a beautiful loaf of bread!

Email: daisyonmytoe.va@gmail.com

Madi Goodwin

What I Teach: Photography

Education/Experience:5 years of experience including paid clients, volunteer work, marketing, teaching, and of course, friends & family!

Began Teaching at WAA: 2021

Favorite Aspect of Teaching: Seeing every individual’s creativity and style develop right before my eyes!

Interesting Fact: I was a voice student at the Academy for two years before I started teaching photography!

Email: photography.goodwin@gmail.com

Keith McMinn

What I Teach: Piano & Theory

Education/Experience: Bachelor of Science in Religion at Shorter University, Masters of Church Music at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Published arranger, orchestrator, and composer. I have taught piano, Finale, writing, and music theory since 2002.

Began Teaching at WAA: 2013

Favorite Aspect of Teaching: I love to see students grow both musically and spiritually.

Interesting Fact: I used to own a car detail business.

Email: kmcminn@bbcyorktown.org

Roger Novak

What I Teach: Horn, Trumpet, Piano & Clarinet

Education/Experience: Bachelor of Music Education Degree, University of New Mexico; Graduate courses in Music Education, Eastern NM University and West Texas A&M University; Community College of the Air Force Associate’s Degree in Music; Orff Level I Workshop (Music & Movement); 38 years in music education teaching students of all ages. 35 years as a professional performing musician.

Began Teaching at WAA: 2018

Favorite Aspect of Teaching: Leading students to discover for themselves new musical and technical concepts/ideas at every lesson. That steadily contributes to joyful and successful artistic growth; I truly enjoy the journey with them.

Interesting Fact:  I was a featured extra in the movie Lincoln directed by Steven Spielberg.

Email: rogernovak1@hotmail.com

Ben Little

What I Teach: Piano

Education/Experience:BA in Piano from Mars Hill University (educated both in performance and pedagogy); MM in Worship Ministry & Choral Conducting from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Began Teaching at WAA: 2022

Favorite Aspect of Teaching:Seeing students excel, grow, and get excited

 Interesting Fact: I love Batman & Star Wars.


Joe Ford

What I Teach: Guitar

Education/Experience:Started learning about instruments and music at 5 years old – this includes lessons and some self-teaching!

Began Teaching at WAA: 2021

Favorite Aspect of Teaching:Seeing the change in the students when they practice. When they come back to lessons, I can see their growth!

 Interesting Fact:I’m the funniest guy in York County… we formed a committee and they voted… I won…


Luke Asby

What I Teach: Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Drums

Education/Experience: Assistant worship director at Coastal Church; 7 years of professional musical performance, 4 years of music teaching experience

Began Teaching at WAA: 2022

Favorite Aspect of Teaching: Being able to get to know students personally, then seeing them grow both as people and musicians

 Interesting Fact: I began playing music as a classical snare drummer for the Colonial Williamsburg Fifes and Drums in 5th grade. With them, I got to play with other groups from around the world in military music festivals, such as the Swiss Army Band.


Rebecca DelVillano

What I Teach: Clarinet

Education/Experience: Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from Ithaca College & a Master’s Degree of Clarinet Performance from The University of Illinois. Has taught classroom music & band at various schools in Illinois and New York!

Began Teaching at WAA: 2014-2015, then took a break until 2022

Favorite Aspect of Teaching: Helping a student and seeing the “light bulb” moment when they learn a new skill

 Interesting Fact: I’m an amateur potter & I lived in Germany for 5 years!

Email: rebdelvillano@gmail.com

Matt Willard

What I Teach: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Baritone Saxophones

Education/Experience: 14 years of playing experience! 

Began Teaching at WAA: January 2023

Favorite Aspect of Teaching: Being able to give my students a voice, and being able to educate the younger generations to keep the love of music going!

 Interesting Fact: Saxophone is one of the easiest instruments to learn, but one of the hardest to master! You can never stop learning!

Email: mattwillardsax@gmail.com

Katie Howard

What I Teach: Violin

Education/Experience: 25 years playing violin, Bachelor of Commercial Music with an emphasis in Violin Performance from Belmont University in Nashville, TN 

Began Teaching at WAA: January 2023

Favorite Aspect of Teaching: My favorite aspect of teaching is watching my students grow in their love for music and grow in confidence in their ability to be a musician. Music is foundational to being successful in so many parts of life, so seeing those seeds planted, watered, and blossoming through lessons, practice, and performance is such a gift to me as an instructor. I know what an impact all of my instructors have had on me and I hope my students will have a similar experience with me. 

 Interesting Fact: I love powerlifting and will be competing in my first competition this year!

Email: katie@katiehowardmusic.com

Lane Rice

What I Teach: Voice and Guitar

Education/Experience: 15 Years of Experience in Vocal & Guitar Performance

Began Teaching at WAA: Spring 2023

Favorite Aspect of Teaching: I’m excited to have the opportunity to help invest in the next generation of musicians and worship leaders.

Interesting Fact: Most people don’t know that I was on American Idol when I was 18. I made it to Hollywood, I was cut the first week, but it was one of the coolest experiences ever.

Email: lanericemusic@gmail.com

Owen Minton

What I Teach: Guitar and Beginner Drums

Ania Turner

What I Teach: Piano

Joy McMinn

What I Teach: Little Mozarts

Kendall Gonzales

What I Teach: Cello

Tiffany Hinson

Academy Assistant