Kathryn Arthur

What I Teach: Piano & Voice

Education/Experience: Bachelor of Music Education from James Madison University; have taught in a variety of settings including public, Christian, and homeschool education, private voice, and piano instruction.

Began Teaching at WAA: 2013

Favorite Aspect of Teaching: Forming relationships with students through working together

Interesting Fact: I can bake a beautiful loaf of bread!

Email: daisyonmytoe.va@gmail.com

Madi Goodwin

What I Teach: Photography

Education/Experience:5 years of experience including paid clients, volunteer work, marketing, teaching, and of course, friends & family!

Began Teaching at WAA: 2021

Favorite Aspect of Teaching: Seeing every individual’s creativity and style develop right before my eyes!

Interesting Fact: I was a voice student at the Academy for two years before I started teaching photography!

Email: photography.goodwin@gmail.com

Keith McMinn

What I Teach: Piano & Theory

Education/Experience: Bachelor of Science in Religion at Shorter University, Masters of Church Music at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Published arranger, orchestrator, and composer. I have taught piano, Finale, writing, and music theory since 2002.

Began Teaching at WAA: 2013

Favorite Aspect of Teaching: I love to see students grow both musically and spiritually.

Interesting Fact: I used to own a car detail business.

Email: kmcminn@bbcyorktown.org

Roger Novak

What I Teach: Horn, Trumpet, Piano & Clarinet

Education/Experience: Bachelor of Music Education Degree, University of New Mexico; Graduate courses in Music Education, Eastern NM University and West Texas A&M University; Community College of the Air Force Associate’s Degree in Music; Orff Level I Workshop (Music & Movement); 38 years in music education teaching students of all ages. 35 years as a professional performing musician.

Began Teaching at WAA: 2018

Favorite Aspect of Teaching: Leading students to discover for themselves new musical and technical concepts/ideas at every lesson. That steadily contributes to joyful and successful artistic growth; I truly enjoy the journey with them.

Interesting Fact:  I was a featured extra in the movie Lincoln directed by Steven Spielberg.

Email: rogernovak1@hotmail.com

Ronaldo Teles

What I Teach: Cello

Education/Experience: Doctor of Musical Arts (2019) and Master’s of Music in Cello Performance (2015) from Louisiana State University, and Bachelor of Music in Cello Performance from Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil (2013). Teaching experience in private and group settings, as well as in public schools.

Began Teaching at WAA: 2020

Favorite Aspect of Teaching: The opportunity to guide and support students in their own musical experience and share my passion and joy in music making.

 Interesting Fact: I am married to my beautiful and talented pianist and choral teacher, Leah Parr. We played a cello and piano recital together when we were in graduate school at LSU. I enjoy skiing and ice skating.

Email: clarkteles@gmail.com

Ben Little

What I Teach: Piano

Education/Experience:BA in Piano from Mars Hill University (educated both in performance and pedagogy); MM in Worship Ministry & Choral Conducting from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Began Teaching at WAA: 2022

Favorite Aspect of Teaching:Seeing students excel, grow, and get excited

 Interesting Fact: I love Batman & Star Wars.


Joe Ford

What I Teach: Guitar

Education/Experience:Started learning about instruments and music at 5 years old – this includes lessons and some self-teaching!

Began Teaching at WAA: 2021

Favorite Aspect of Teaching:Seeing the change in the students when they practice. When they come back to lessons, I can see their growth!

 Interesting Fact:I’m the funniest guy in York County… we formed a committee and they voted… I won…


Luke Asby

What I Teach: Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Drums

Education/Experience: Assistant worship director at Coastal Church; 7 years of professional musical performance, 4 years of music teaching experience

Began Teaching at WAA: 2022

Favorite Aspect of Teaching: Being able to get to know students personally, then seeing them grow both as people and musicians

 Interesting Fact: I began playing music as a classical snare drummer for the Colonial Williamsburg Fifes and Drums in 5th grade. With them, I got to play with other groups from around the world in military music festivals, such as the Swiss Army Band.


Rebecca DelVillano

What I Teach: Clarinet

Education/Experience: Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from Ithaca College & a Master’s Degree of Clarinet Performance from The University of Illinois. Has taught classroom music & band at various schools in Illinois and New York!

Began Teaching at WAA: 2014-2015, then took a break until 2022

Favorite Aspect of Teaching: Helping a student and seeing the “light bulb” moment when they learn a new skill

 Interesting Fact: I’m an amateur potter & I lived in Germany for 5 years!

Email: rebdelvillano@gmail.com

Sara Winant

What I Teach: Sign Language

Education/Experience: 3 years of ASL in high school, 1 year as a teaching assistant, plus additional courses at TNCC. Has a Masters Degree in Teaching from CNU!

Began Teaching at WAA: 2022

Favorite Aspect of Teaching:Meeting students where they are and guiding them to an understanding in whatever it is they are learning.

 Interesting Fact:I’ve been to four continents (and several countries!), this is my 13th year teaching, and I have two kids – a 4 year old & a 1 year old!


Matt Willard

What I Teach: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Baritone Saxophones

Education/Experience: 14 years of playing experience! 

Began Teaching at WAA: January 2023

Favorite Aspect of Teaching: Being able to give my students a voice, and being able to educate the younger generations to keep the love of music going!

 Interesting Fact: Saxophone is one of the easiest instruments to learn, but one of the hardest to master! You can never stop learning!

Email: mattwillardsax@gmail.com

Katie Howard

What I Teach: Violin

Education/Experience: 25 years playing violin, Bachelor of Commercial Music with an emphasis in Violin Performance from Belmont University in Nashville, TN 

Began Teaching at WAA: January 2023

Favorite Aspect of Teaching: My favorite aspect of teaching is watching my students grow in their love for music and grow in confidence in their ability to be a musician. Music is foundational to being successful in so many parts of life, so seeing those seeds planted, watered, and blossoming through lessons, practice, and performance is such a gift to me as an instructor. I know what an impact all of my instructors have had on me and I hope my students will have a similar experience with me. 

 Interesting Fact: I love powerlifting and will be competing in my first competition this year!

Email: katie@katiehowardmusic.com