All groups meet at the Bethel Gym at 8:30am.
Missions Opportunities:

Sewing Lap Blankets for Riverside Rehab
(Bring your own sewing machine, scissors, etc.) Fabric, etc. will be provided. Lead: Jan Creal
(Approx. 25 seamstresses & assistants needed.)

Yard Clean-Up Work
Assist with cleaning up a vacant property owned by a widow so it can be put up for sale. Lead: Rob Hendron
(Approx. 10 – 12 workers needed)

Health/Dental Hygiene Bags for Lackey Free Clinic
All supplies provided. Volunteers will include a Thanksgiving/Christmas Card and tract in each bag. Lead: Mickey Moore
(5-10 volunteers needed)

Laundry Ministry
At two local laundromats, volunteers will offer to pay for an individual to wash & dry a load of clothes in order for them to share the Gospel with the individual. (Funds required will be provided or reimbursed.)
(8 volunteers needed, 4 for each location.)

Neighborhood Visitation
Volunteers will go in pairs to visit homes in a neighborhood near our Church and distribute the “Jesus” DVD to residents along with info about our Church and a gospel tract.
(10-12 people needed)

Shut-In Flower Delivery
Visit and deliver small vases of flowers to our shut-ins. Flowers will be provided.
(4-5 individuals/couples needed)

THRIVE Ministry service projects
Volunteers will do various projects, including” count & bag shoes, organize & shelve foods, etc
(6-8 volunteers needed)

Youth Yard Work Project
Teens are needed to clean a yard (clean flower beds, bag leaves, trim shrubs & bushes, etc.) in Poquoson for a disabled widow. (Need to bring rakes & other lawn tools , i.e., hedge trimmers, hand-clippers to trim back small bushes, gloves.) Lead: Pastor Kevin Sherman
(10-12 teens needed)

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