Bible Fellowships exist for all ages from Birth to Children, Teenagers, Young Adults, Single Adults, Married Adults, and the most mature adults.

Bible Fellowships are a place for Children and Teenagers to experience the love, acceptance, and biblical instruction from caring Adults.

They are a place where people can discover that there are people just like themselves who are looking for a place to belong and feel a warmth, acceptance, and the opportunity to make friends. Friends who will listen, pray, and walk with them through the joys and challenges of life.

A Bible Fellowship Group provides the opportunity to discover the truth of God’s Word.

We do this through a systematic study of the Bible led by teachers who diligently prepare to lead in a group experience that examines how God is at work in the world and how He wants to be at work in each one of our lives.

Most of all a Bible Fellowship Group provides the opportunity to use your own abilities, experiences, and gifts to be an encouragement to others.

We would love for you to join us for this life-changing experience at 9:00 a.m. each Sunday morning.If you would like information please contact us at


Young Professionals

Teachers: Joe & Dawn Ford/Dan & Katie McConnell
Median Age: 18-35
Location: R-9

Young Adults

Teacher: Mark Vance
Median Age: 30-40
Location: R-14

Teachers: Matt & Kathryn Stafford
Median Age: 35-45
Location: R-16

Median Adults

Teacher: Steve Gregorin
Median Age: 40-50
Location: R-13

Teacher: Kelley Miles
Median Age: 40-55
Location: R-12

Teacher: Jim McGrath
Median Age: 40-50
Location: R-10

Teacher: Neal Robinson
Median Age: 45-55
Location: R-15

Teacher: Greg Pike
Median Age: 45-55
Location: R-7

Senior Adults

Teacher: Eric DuBois
Median Age: 55-65
Location: S-44

Teacher: Larry Turner
Median Age: 55-65
Location: R-6

Teacher: Phred Paul
Median Age: 60-70
Location: F-2

Legacy Adults

Teacher: Ron Crawford
Median Age: 70+
Location: F-6

Teacher: Anne Davis
Median Age: 70+
Location: F-5

Teacher: Alan Leybold
Median Age: 75+
Location: S-14


Teacher: Christy Echols
Median Age: 35-45
Location: R-1

Teacher: Judy Nielsen
Median Age: 45+
Location: R-11

Teacher: Lois Minter
Median Age: 70+
Location: S-13

Teacher: Joanne Rigby
Median Age: 70+
Location: R-5

Teacher: Jackie McKeel
Median Age: 80+
Location: S-15


Teacher: Bob Bonta
Median Age: 50+
Location: S-12

Special Needs


Teacher: Gaye Savage
Location: R-4


Teachers: Christina Brandal & Christina Agee
Location: P-8/10


Birth to 12 months

Teachers: Juanita Loudermilk & Brenda Williamson
Location: P-2

Year 1

Teachers: Dreama Willett & Jennifer Richards
Location: P-4

Year 2

Teachers: Eric & Laura Nielsen, Amanda King
Location: P-6

Year 3

Teachers: Judy & Richard Reynal, Ty Norris
Location: P-3/5

Year 4

Teachers: Eddie Norris & Janice Robertson
Location: P-7



Teachers: Terry Mack & Bekka Ford
Location: C-10

1st Grade

Teachers: Glenn Toledo
Location: C-7

2nd Grade

Teachers: Doreen Greco & Gail Asher
Location: C-6

3rd Grade

Teacher: Courtney & Kelly Joyner
Location: C-9

4th Grade

Teachers: Steve & Beth Sachs
Location: C-8


RISE Ministry

5th & 6th Grade
Teachers: Lee & Miriam Gotthardt, Hannah Miles
Location: R-2/3


7th & 8th Grade Girls
Teachers: Andrea Hoffman, Stephanie Ferguson, Jordan Marshall
Location: A-1

7th & 8th Grade Boys
Teachers: Jason Ferguson & Ed Flowers
Location: A-3

9th&10th Grade Girls
Teachers: Paula Robeson & Dawn Mulkey
Location: C-4

9th & 10th Grade Boys
Teachers: Brent Lucas & Karsten Carasella
Location: A-4

11th & 12th Grade Girls
Teachers: Kathryn Arthur & Ginny Atwood
Location: C-1

11th & 12th Grade Boys
Teachers: Keith Arthur & Dan Bamford
Location: A-2