• Please wait at the door until an attendant is able to take your baby from you.
  • Please give your baby and diaper bag with name tag to the Nursery attendants along with any information they may need to know in order to properly care for your child.
  • A nursing area is provided for mothers.
  • If an emergency arises, you will be notified immediately.
  • Upon pick up, you will receive a label with a report of your child’s stay and care given.


  • Preschool facilities & check-in opens 15 minutes prior to activities. Please place your child’s nametag on their back and keep the parent tag with you for pick-up.
  • Preschoolers must be brought to their class by an adult and will be released to the adult with the parent security tag.
  • A parent should pick-up their child immediately following the service or function.
  • Parents, other family members, and friends are asked not to visit and "look in" on the children, as this can upset the child, especially if separation anxiety is an issue.
  • All children are promoted annually, with the exception of babies. They are promoted when they can walk well.
  • Parents are asked to label all items belonging to their child, i.e. diaper bags, bottles, pacifiers, jackets, etc. BBC diaper bag tags are available for your convenience.
  • Children should leave personal toys or other possessions at home.


  • For the protection of your child and the other children, parents are requested not to bring a child who appears to be ill. Upon recommendation of the Committee on Control of Infectious Diseases of the American Academy of Pediatrics, a child should not be taken from home when any of the following exists:
    • Fever within last 24 hours
    • Vomiting or diarrhea in the last 24hrs
    • Any symptom of a childhood disease such as scarlet fever, German measles, mumps, chicken pox, or whooping cough
    • Common cold-from onset through one week
    • Sore throat
    • Croup
    • Any unexplained rash
    • Any skin infection-boils, ringworm, impetigo
    • Pink eye or other eye infection
  • If a child develops a fever or other symptoms of illness, isolation will occur and parents will be contacted. Should your child develop an infectious disease following a session in the preschool area, please contact the preschool office immediately.
  • Parents should note any allergies on the child’s nametag. For the children with severe allergies, an "Allergy Alert Tag" should be completed. These forms are available at the Check-In Desk.
  • All toys used by younger preschoolers are washed and sanitized after each session.


  • Infants will be bottle-fed milk or juice, as provided. If age appropriate, they can be sent with a sippy cup and/or snack. Workers will not spoon-feed babies.
  • Parents should label bottles with the child's name, contents, and time to be given. (Example: John Smith-Apple juice-10:00 am)
  • Preschoolers age one and older are served a snack. Sippy cups, labeled with name, may be sent for one year olds. Disposable cups are used for older children.
  • Please notify workers of any food or drink allergies.


  • All nursery and preschool workers have passed a background check.
  • Only women, above the age of 18, are allowed to change diapers and take children to the restroom.
  • Couples may only work together if a non-relative third party is with them.
  • A worker trained in CPR & First Aid is present on the Preschool wing at all times.
  • Our Preschool staff is trained to keep your child safe. In the event of an emergency such as an evacuation or lockdown, please do not attempt to enter the Preschool wing. We will meet you when the authorities tell us it is safe.